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A detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter's disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case.

Genre: Drama , Mystery

Actor: Goran Ragnestam , Vile Vitanen

Director: Henrik Björn

Country: Sweden , Finland , UK , Norway

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Jordskott
"Criminal inspector Eva Th\u00f6rnblad returns to her home town of Silverh\u00f6jd for the first time in seven years, since her daughter disappeared there without trace. Officially, she's there to arrange her father's funeral, but she has an other motive. Yet another child has disappeared and Eva believes that the perpetrator may be the one who took her daughter."
"The girl that Eva almost drove over turns out to be suffering from some mysterious illness. Can she be Eva's daughter, Josefine, who disappeared seven years ago? And who, in that case, is behind her disappearance? In search of answers, Eva gets in touch with former police officer, Olof Gran, who has a strange enough theory, to say the least. Eva's investigation proves to be more dangerous than she'd imagined."
"The girl who Eva is convinced is her daughter has disappeared from the hospital, and with the lack of leads Eva hooks up with the local police force in the hunt for the man thought to be behind both kidnappings and murders in Silverh\u00f6jd. Could it be the man in the pickup van that Eva saw both in the woods and on the ferry? At the Th\u00f6rnblad farmstead Eva makes a shocking discovery."
"Someone has got into the Th\u00f6rnblad farm and has left something there for Eva. Who has been there? And how did they manage to get into the house when doors and windows were locked? Could Eva be on the verge of saving Josefine? What price has to be paid for it in this case? G\u00f6ran Wass seems to have his own agenda in Silverh\u00f6jd. Who is he working for actually?"
"Josefine's condition is just getting worse by the moment and Eva is faced their life's hardest choice, she must choose between her daughter and another girl. How far is Eva willing to go to save the life of the one she loves the most? Meanwhile, Ylva gets an unexpected visitor and Tom is doing his level best to find Esmeralda before she ends up in danger."
"Eva decides to set a trap for the creature from the woods, but the plan goes horribly wrong. In despair, she tells Wass what she has done. At the same time, Eva finds a secret chamber that hides great secrets and many answers."
"Tom is in bad shape after the assault at the hearing but wants at all costs find Esmeralda."
"Josefine has been kidnapped by Nicklas, whose hid her in the barn. Eva struggles to master the parasite she's swallowed. She has a plan about how she'll be able to rescue the missing children and she enters into a struggle with her father's business. Meanwhile, Tom finds evidence that shocks him."
"Eva understands more about what happened to her father. Meanwhile, new explosions in the forest has awoken the creature's anger and five children disappear from Silverh\u00f6jd children's hospital. The panic spreads and the police seem to have lost their grip completely. Tom decides to tell Wass what he's found at Eva's."
"Eva has been forced to leave Silverh\u00f6jd to save Josefine. But she returns in order to be able to, rescue the missing children at all costs. When Eva makes a miscalculation, the lives of the children, and perhaps the entire existence of Silverh\u00f6jd is at stake."
Season 2 - Jordskott
"Two years have passed since the t remendous events in Silver Height. Eva Thornblad has left Silver Height behind him and returned to the big city's gray concrete and his work within the Stockholm Police. She tries to move on but struggles with the sorrow after Josefin and the pain that the earthquake exposes her to. Soon Eva enters into a mysterious case related to her own past and she is forced to confront the mythological world she decided to leave."
"Eva's investigation is lined with more mystery and doctors can not explain why the man under the ice died like he did. G\u00f6ran Wass joins the Stockholm police with the mission of his organization to hide all traces of supernaturalism. Eve's work is spreading old wounds as she approaches an identification of the missing girl from Silo. At the same time, in Silver Heights, Esmeralda is tired of hiding. In the forest, she finds someone who needs her help. In the roles: Moa Gammel, G\u00f6ran Ragnerstam, Rickard Forsgren and others."
"The quest for the missing girl Robin continues and Eve's situation is complicated by the unexpected responsibility for the ruined Kalem. Eva and Wass dig deeper into the investigation and find something that belonged to Eve's mother a long time ago. Bahar is increasingly suspicious of Eva and Wass's behavior. In pursuit of the guilty, Eva and Wass provide evidence that they are looking for murder many times before. Tom is simultaneously drawn into an investigation of a Silverial Silverial Beer Attack which raises interest from unexpectedly. In the roles: Moa Gammel, G\u00f6ran Ragnerstam, Rickard Forsgren and others."
"Eva and Wass visit an ancient place where they find shocking evidence that the lives of more children are in danger. The Jordskott takes an ever stronger hold on Eva, and Bahar realises that she cannot be relied upon so starts her own secret investigation. Meanwhile, Eva is forced to confront her innermost trauma as she is increasingly drawn into the darkness, and Tom gets an offer that might stand in the way of his friendship with Eva and Wass."
"Eva is back at Th\u00f6rnbladska farm but not the way that she had imagined. Dr. Koljonen makes a shattering discovery. In Stockholm, Bahar gets closer to exposing Eva and Wass\u2019 lies. Maja and Esmeralda\u2019s new friendship deepens, but the Olsson brothers are closing in. Eva looks for the old witch Ylva who reveals a shocking truth."
"Bahar continues to look for proof that Eva is involved in the death of Desiree and makes a strange discovery. Eva finds evidence from the past that makes her mother remember more. Tom makes a decision that is irreversible. Kalem and Ida look for Robin\u2019s kidnappers and take great risks to find her. Wass is forced to do something against his will to avert a disaster."
"Eva finds more and more connections, but just as she thinks she is getting close to the answer, everything changes. Meanwhile, Tom does everything in his power to find the missing girls, but his decision has devastating consequences. At Silverh\u00f6jd, Esmeralda decides to try and save J\u00f6rgen\u2019s life, but she needs help. Kalem and Ida get closer to finding out who has taken Robin."